Property developer - Shareholding company


The SAX Group is an investment company that deals in residential and commercial properties. As a company, we are stakeholders in high-profile residential and commercial properties throughout Germany. Our partners include project developers and property developers. We offer investors various options for getting involved.


Laying the foundations

The company we now know as the SAX Group was established in 1994 by Bernd Ruck and Michael Dettling as SAX Concept Systembau GmbH. At first the business specialised in the construction and refurbishment of residential and commercial properties in Baden-Württemberg and Eastern Germany. The main areas of activity here were Leipzig in Saxony and Potsdam in Brandenburg. The centre of attention was on the refurbishment of protected properties. As a classic property developer we financed and marketed all projects ourselves and also often project-managed the work.


Building the support structure

Ab 2004 übernahm die SAX Starting from 2004, SAX took on other services, including commercial and technical construction supervision and controlling functions (construction controlling, commercial and contract controlling). At the same time, investors were increasingly looking for real estate joint ventures and cooperation with our company. In parallel with this there was an increase in cooperation with project development companies looking to fund their activities.


Adding the superstructure

The SAX Group is now a unique investment company. We are unique because we understand the business we invest in, not just in theory: Our experience as property developers and our specialist staff mean that we can provide active support for any type of property at any time. This experience and our financial strength make us independent and enable us to make swift decisions in bringing our projects to a successful conclusion.


A responsible approach.

True to our Swabian roots, our company is characterised by hard work and creativity. We have always had a very special relationship with the building industry. Likewise, we have always invested in quality.

Our ultimate goal is to justify the trust placed in us by our partners, whether the investors who trust us with the investment capital or the project developers who open up their projects to us.

We promote properties that we also invest in.
We finance projects that we would build ourselves.

The SAX Group assumes responsibility for the real estate and for the invested capital.
That's why, unlike banks or asset managers, we play both an active and financial role in all projects.
We share the financial risk with our partners. We rely on comprehensive expert knowledge in the areas of construction, real estate and the property business.


Bernd Ruck

Founder and Chief Partner Corporate Strategy ⋅ Purchasing ⋅ Sales ⋅ Key Account (Global Investors)

As a passionate sportsman, I know that the key success in achieving one's goals lies in the combination of existing talent with the determination to develop one's skill set. However, enthusiasm, passion and hard work are vital if extraordinary success is to be achieved.

As an entrepreneur I am driven by the same instincts: to be at the top of your game, you need a superior team that always offers the best performance.

Michael Straub

Managing Partner Project Development ⋅ Operative Management (Project Realisation, etc.) ⋅ Organisation

As an enthusiastic musician, stamina and precision are the characteristics that mean most to me. I also put these strengths into practice in my working life, particularly when it comes to the planning and implementation of our projects. Just as an orchestra needs to form a single unit, so a successful business depends on a good team. I am proud to say that our employees are such a team. After all, this is the only way we can give our best in realising top-quality projects.

Michael Dettling

Managing Partner Finance / Taxation ⋅ Controlling ⋅ Legal ⋅ IT

The successful management of real estate projects calls for a cool head. Questioning targets, casting doubt on apparent certainties and checking and double-checking figures are the key elements in product development. Every engineer constantly examines his assumptions and specifications in an attempt to disprove commonly held believes, whether his own or those of others. Only then will a SAX property see the light of day: top quality and successful within the market, worth the price paid and invaluable to owners, investors and users.